What if every completed mile with your classic had a positive CO2 impact?

  • We have developed packages for classic car enthusiasts for voluntary CO2 emission compensation where every completed mile is 250% positively compensated in terms of CO2 emissions;

  • For rally organisations we have developed a simple model to organize CO2 neutral automotive events;

  • Doing so, we are convinced – regardless their limited impact to the overall environmental impact – that recreational driving a classic car or a youngtimer is and will remain political and socially acceptable.


How do we organise the compensation?

  • Through reforestation of empty ground

  • We collaborate with renowned organisations such as Natuurpunt, Natagora, KBBM and Graine de Vie*.

  • We do this together with “Graine de Vie”, a non-profit organization that plants trees in Madagascar.


*Graine de Vie is an NGO dedicated to protection, afforestation and reforestation

They started in 2009 and have projects in Madagascar, Togo, Benin, and Cameroon. Created as a non-profit organization under Belgian and Luxembourg law, our NGO enables the compensation of the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of our industrialized countries through the planting of trees in developing countries.


Position Paper 2020: in alignment with different stakeholders (i.e. professionals, amateurs and rally organizations) we have developed a position paper with regards the future of classic cars and youngtimers on our roads. Additional insights and ideas on this position paper are more than welcome. It is our objective to create a solid input for discussions with the different political levels to ensure a stable and positive future of automotive recreative activities.


Survey 2018-2019: during this period, we organized a survey amongst amateurs of classic cars and youngtimers to calibrate our positioning.